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It's No Secret with Dr T.

Each week I talk with business leaders from all over the world who openly share their small business and marketing secrets, which lead to their business success. 

May 6, 2019

On my Podiatry Legends Podcast, I was joined by Simon Bartold and his story and career were so interesting I thought it had to be shared on It's No Secret with Dr T., it was too good to leave a secret. 

Simon Bartold has worked with elite athletes for more than three decades, been to four Olympic Games, lectured in 42 countries, worked with Asics for 20-years and was head hunted by global footwear company Salomon to head up research, design and development of their road running range. 

Simon explained that he worked with some of the best sporting clubs and sports practitioners after graduating, and he did this for almost 15 years before he was paid a cent, it was all done for FREE.

But as he puts it, you cannot put a price on the experience he gained.

"If you want to learn be prepared to do it for nothing, that's just the way it works". 

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