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It's No Secret with Dr T.

Each week I talk with business leaders from all over the world who openly share their small business and marketing secrets, which lead to their business success. 

Oct 29, 2017

Dean S. Hawkins is a highly decorated Fire Officer & Trainer based in Cairns, Far North Queensland and is the author of the highly successful book Fight Fire with Fire – How to use firefighting techniques to find your purpose, overcome all obstacles and reach your goals.

What can a Fire Officer and Trainer teach Small...

Oct 22, 2017

My guest today is Jared Warner from 123 Get Found. He helps people grow and scale their companies with effective online marketing. He basically helps companies get found on the busy, crowded web.

It’s all about Getting Found, Getting Results & Getting Smart, but what does that all mean?

As Jared says there’s only...

Oct 15, 2017

My guest today is Pat Flynn from Westchester Pennsylvania. Pat is an author, fitness minimalist, business coach, guitarist and podcaster. He helps people do more with less and this is what our conversation is all about, the power of being a generalist, not a specialist.

The world is obsessed with specialists:


Oct 8, 2017

My guest today is Shannean Moncrieff and when I first met Shannean, almost twenty years ago, she was a very well respected lawyer working at a prestigious law firm in Cairns, however after having children she transitioned out of law, into a more creative life and once again she has excelled.

Shannean did a double degree...

Oct 1, 2017

Chris Desmond is the host of a successful podcast series titled Uncomfortable is OK. In this series Chris chats with people who have done some amazing things, or had unique ideas that have taken them out of their comfort zone, and by doing this they have become much better people.

I’m sure after you listen to this...