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It's No Secret with Dr T.

Each week I talk with business leaders from all over the world who openly share their small business and marketing secrets, which lead to their business success. 

Mar 29, 2018

My brother I grew up on the Gold Coast, and we spent a lot of time crabbing on the weekends. We’d go out early in the morning, just before sunrise and we’d get back at sunset. On a good day, we’d catch dozens of mud crabs. 

Once caught we’d place them in a large bucket, well actually it was more like a big...

Mar 25, 2018

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Cindy Rodriguez, from Orlando Florida about startups, her podcast The Fierce Entrepreneur and what she has learnt through her entrepreneurial journey in the business world.  

Entrepreneurs Mindset

All entrepreneurs struggle with the same two things, time management and giving up...

Mar 22, 2018

For the past three years, and this year will be my fourth, I’ve attended a 3-Day event in Tempe, Arizona, run by Success Technologies and Dave Frees. Each year the event alternates its theme. One year it will be 3-Days To Success and the other year Business Black Ops, both fantastic events.

Last year, or it could have...

Mar 18, 2018

Today I talk with Paul Wright about the concept of information marketing and packaging your thoughts for profits. Paul Wright is a Physiotherapist, business coach and mentor, and author of the best selling book How to Run A One Minute Practice.

It’s important to point out that you can learn a lot from...

Mar 15, 2018

Today I want to share a story from my childhood and how my mums Cherry Ripe chocolate taught me a great lesson about systems and why slight system changes can have devastating results long-term on your business if you don't keep an eye on them.

My mother loved Cherry Ripe's, and about once a month she would treat...