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It's No Secret with Dr T.

Each week I talk with business leaders from all over the world who openly share their small business and marketing secrets, which lead to their business success. 

May 18, 2020

Episode 211 is the farewell episode for It's No Secret with Dr T., and I thought I would bring back my good friend, previous guest and long-term supporter of the podcast Jeff Peterson to help my say goodbye. 

Jeff Peterson is the owner of Geneva Supply and was a guest on the show back on Episode 017 with Bill Davis,...

May 12, 2020

Stephen Pozzebon is the Regional Head of Organisational Management, Australia & New Zealand for Allianz Partners. 

On this episode, Stephen will be sharing his wisdom and knowledge when it comes to managing and leading teams and business agility, which is especially important right now with how the world has changed...

May 4, 2020

Justin Blake is the owner of Justin Blake Media, and on this episode, we discuss marketing and what you should be doing now and post COVID-19. What you do now will set you up for when we come out the other end.

The biggest problem facing many small business owners is what they think marketing is, and more often than...