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It's No Secret with Dr T.

Each week I talk with business leaders from all over the world who openly share their small business and marketing secrets, which lead to their business success. 

Oct 22, 2019

Master Somnath Sikdar and Lonnie Beck are 6th and 5th Dan black belts in Tae Kwon Do and are co-owners of Dragon Gym in Exton, Pennsylvania. They have both appeared on this podcast previously on episodes 018 and 128

I have just spent three days with them in Tempe, Arizona at our annual business mastermind Business...

Feb 7, 2019

If you want to be successful both personally and in business and be surrounded by a team of successful people, you need to start building your resilience muscle. My guest Chris Desmond, Physiotherapist, Coach and Host of Uncomfortable is OK knows more than most about being uncomfortable. 

Chris Desmond was also my guest...

Jan 20, 2019

To achieve your goals, you must take action, and you'll only take action when you truly understand your WHY. Dr Jeffrey Tho is a two time Commonwealth Games athlete, Dentist, Business Owner and Coach. He helps people reach their goals by assisting them to get clarity around their WHY. 

On this podcast episode we...

Dec 27, 2018

In December it's quite common to start looking ahead to next year and not reflect on the year that was. There is a lot to learn and to take away if you stop and reflect. 

I'd love to say this was my idea, but it wasn't. Last week I tuned into a webinar with Deb Johnstone, and it was about reflecting on the year that...

Sep 24, 2018

Victoria Mavis lives in Munich, Germany and is a professional Magician, speaker, author and business coach. Using her vast skills of close up magic, large stage performances, illusions and mentalism, she can help small business owners see the unseen and open their minds to new opportunities. 

She helps make the...