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It's No Secret with Dr T.

Each week I talk with business leaders from all over the world who openly share their small business and marketing secrets, which lead to their business success. 

Aug 19, 2018

Dr James Fedich is the author of Secret Of A Million Dollar Practice and owns a very successful health business in New Jersey, Village Family Clinic, and he also the host of a podcast called Paths To Success with Dr J. 

Fell In Love With Business

Dr J. has always been a fan of marketing and business seminars, and he made sure he mixed these in with his Chiropractic conferences to keep life interesting. As he fell in love with the business process, his clinic grew out of this passion for clinical care. 

His business has grown 15-20% every year because he has always put in a lot of effort behind the scenes that others do not see. 

"It's not about the practice growing, it's about you growing as a manager and leader."

You need to become the million dollar business owner before you have a million dollar business. 

Beware Of Fake Guru's 

Dr J. wrote his book because he was regularly approached at Chiropractic conferences about how he built his business, so writing the book was his way to help more people faster, and he gets annoyed at fake business guru's. 

Fake Guru's are the practitioners who were only in practice for five or so years, never had a financially successful business themselves, but then set up a coaching business teaching other health professionals how to have a million dollar business. It's Nuts. 

You need to verify their successes. 

Retention, Retention & Retention

It's not hard to do the little things right, like ask for an email address. Even coffee shops get it wrong. How many coffees have you bought this year and never been asked for a simple email address? 

Restaurants are just as bad. You never hear from them, and even if the food was great, you only go once a year because they're not top of mind. 

You need to keep people coming back and you can only do this by staying in touch. 

I Don't Remember The Guys Name

How many times have you heard someone rave about a business, and when someone asks who did they see their reply is, "I can't remember their name". Or worse still they cannot remember the name of the business. 

People must know, like and trust you and you can only build this relationship by staying in touch...often. 

Monday Morning Tip

  • Using a simple notepad, sit down Monday morning and organise your week, and day. 
  • List the top three activities that need to get done that day and only focus on those tasks.
  • Repeat this for each day of the week.  
  • At the back of the notepad, or in a separate book, you can start a large to-do list as ideas come to mind.
  • Do not work on the to-do list, only work on the three tasks you have planned for the day. 

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